Get lost beneath the fog in The Wild Eternal, a reflective first-person exploration game. Embark on a meditative journey to heal the scars of your past. Can you escape the cycle of reincarnation?

It is the early 1600’s.

You are an old woman named Ananta who has fled a life of suffering to search for lasting peace in the Himalayan wild. After a traumatic life, you long to escape the cycle of reincarnation so that you may finally rest in peace.

Your defiance of reincarnation has landed you in a lush, deserted wilderness covered in fog. A fox-shaped demigod agrees to help you escape your fate, but only if you’ll help him in return.

Explore the mystical wilderness together as you embark on a meditative adventure to heal the scars of your past in hopes of avoiding an eternity of suffering.

    On your journey to escape the cycle of reincarnation you will:
  • Explore a mystical wilderness: from clear vistas to the foggy landscape below.
  • Navigate a meaningful narrative to unravel your past and answer questions about your present.
  • Find ancient artifacts and unlock powerful abilities at hidden shrines.
  • Interact with wild, mythical, and sometimes dangerous creatures.
  • Seek guidance from an outcast demigod and other lost souls.
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