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Princess ToadstoolSorry Mario Bros is a free 2D platformer which gives Princess Toadstool the ability to jump, and thereby free herself from King Koopa’s castle. The game spans three of Super Mario Bros’ original levels, this time from right to left, as the Princess jumps, stomps, floats, and warps her way from the castle dungeon to the bright and wonderful Mushroom Kingdom.

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Double-screenshot of Sorry Super Mario Bros!

Why’d We Do This?

Mostly for fun, and for exercise. We thought it’d be a neat perspective switch to move backwards through the Mushroom Kingdom, and how better to do that then allow the princess to escape? The idea was finally given life when we heard about the @iamagamer_ca game jam, which was based thematically around strong female protagonists. For a more in-depth and intelligent explanation of why that’s important, visit Feminist Frequency.

Instead of spending a long weekend on the project like most of the jammers did, we decided to take two weeks and make a slightly larger project, to really test our skills as (new) devs. The  game tells a fun (short) story, the experience is unique, and we learned a lot. Additionally, the very talented Jonas Kjellberg provided some great reversed and remastered interpretations of the games original soundtrack.

Hope you enjoy!

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  2. There are plenty of good, free file hosts. I’d suggest you try or the like to not require people to install Torrent programs.

    • We will investigate our options. With Bit-Torrent we knew once we got it set up, we could depend on it to stay up. I’ll look into providing an alternate for those who are more protective of their machines and like keeping them clean. ;)

      • Thank you. I beat the game, by the way. Fun and very well done with lots of attention to detail. I love the cameo in 1-2. As a sidenote, I’m not sure if it’s intentional but the Princess’s jump is very floaty for me, like about a 3rd or 4th of the speed of Mario’s (I understand she can fly if you hold jump but I’m talking just the normal jump).

        • Floaty when, on ascent without holding jump? Descent while holding jump? Always? :) Definitely only tested on a limited number of machines, but a bit surprised if it behaves drastically different. She is definitely a floater, in all ways.

  3. While I agree gender stereotyping is wrong and should be addressed. I often am concerned that people are taking “pro-women-protagonist” too far. Remaking Mario Bros. is a good example of this. Is the story about princess who is a victim and too weak to save herself, or a love story about a simple plumber that will stomp on goombas, jump over lava, and dies 99 times to save the one he loves?

    Maybe this isn’t stereotyping women, but maybe a means a man tries to show his affection towards a woman. If he feels like he doesn’t have to or can’t provide for his wife, then how is he useful to her? A woman often represents grace, purity, justice, and what is morally right in a story, and that’s something any man should be willing to protect and fight for.

    Nothing wrong with women being the protagonist (I love Portal!) but lets not try to completely reverse things and stereotype men. (Take Reck-It Ralph, according to it, women are tough warriors and men either have anger issues or are wimpy fix-it men who willingly take abuse.)

    • It is stereotyping when game designers put women in a passive role/as a reward for a man’s trouble. Same goes for saying women represent grace, purity, justice or whatever.

      Some of my friends are women. I don’t have to provide for them. I’ll stand up for them, but I’m not their saviour or protector. There are plenty of ways to share affection besides the archaic role you describe.

      Just finished the game. Very nice! Could’ve been more of a challenge, but it made me smile, anyway. Love the running character animation.

      • I did not say you treat every woman the same. How you treat a women friends is very different from how you treat the woman you love that I described above. I also did not say you have to do everything for them to the point that they cannot provide for themselves.

        Yes we live in much more peaceful times (in some parts of the world.) But the role of a man/husband/father still stands, you protect the family when the time arises. I did not say you act as a savior/protector 24/7, but I’m sure that a wife/fiance will be happy to know you are there when she does need you.

        A good question would be to ask how your women friends feel about Super Mario Bros. Do they feel like Peach is nothing more than “a reward for a man’s trouble.” Or is it a simple romance story in a video game from the 80s?

        Just tried it now that direct downloads are working, fun little game! Though I feel like the floating might be a little too long and too much of an advantage. (At least when compared to Super Mario Bro. 2) Still, nice game guys! Hope to see more!

        • Wow, you’re completely hung up on archaic stereotypes, aren’t you?

          “But the role of a man/husband/father still stands, you protect the family when the time arises.”

          Just where is that written as a law of nature? You need to rethink the way you look at the roles of women and men.

        • Peach is merely one example of the very common “Princess in peril” motif in video games. As one of the actual female friends of the designers, my take on it agrees with their intentions here– Mario goes to save Peach because he cares about her but we musn’t always assume that Peach was incapable of doing anything to save herself. It’s not necessarily a question of roles or archetypes, just equal capacity in determining one’s fate.

          If I were to be kidnapped and locked in a castle, I’d like to think that I’d be the one running by in the woods later with a hatchet.

    • “A woman often represents grace, purity, justice, and what is morally right in a story, and that’s something any man should be willing to protect and fight for.”

      Oh yes, let’s put women on a pedestal and let’s pretend they’re not human beings with ideas and faults of their own. You want to know how knights actually behaved? Read A Song of Ice and Fire for a fun and detailed account.

      Women are not men’s moral compasses. Be responsible of your own actions because that’s what you want to do with your life, not because there’s a price at the end in the shape of a pretty princess.
      BTW, women are readers and gamers too. It gets quite boring after a few centuries of the same old story of “man rescuing maiden from evil man while maiden does nothing but swooning”.

    • Hi Will!

      Bowser falling super slow is sadly a bug we introduced right at the very end. If the game is running slow in general, you might try the second graphical option and see if that helps. Hope you were/are able to enjoy despite these issues.

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  5. i`like very much! y make another version of Mario the last year, i like very much this versions, the originals versions tired. congratulations!

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    • Interesting. We have tested on a Mac and did not have this problem, and you’re the first to report it. Could it be something on your end? I’ll investigate a bit, glad you got it working…

  7. It’s kind of funny, I’m getting linked to this at about the same time as I’m finishing watching a Let’s Play series on Remember Me, a recently released mainstream commercial game in which the four toughest characters are all female, including the player character, who also happens to be of mixed race. But of course that does nothing to diminish your achievement here; you didn’t have any fat Capcom budget to pay for the extra brown pixels you might have needed to make this princess a little less conventional. Great job pushing the boundaries guys, and here’s hoping that there are enough brave and talented souls like you in the world to continue the fight and one day bring indie gaming not just halfway up to the level of egalitarianism shown by the big corporations, but maybe even like 96% of the way there!!

  8. This was fantastic. I really enjoyed playing backwards through quasi-familiar levels, all the elements that were changed, and Toadstool’s almost-US-Mario-2 floating ability. Horizontal control felt a little too loose, but other than that, I loved it.

    (feel free to delete the previous misplaced comment)

    • The original Mario was pretty slippery, but you are right, the controls are a little too loose at the moment. We will be releasing an updated version with a handful of tweaks either today or tomorrow. Thanks for playing, and for the feedback :)

  9. I like the concept, but I can’t figure out how to leave the first level. I just walk into an invisible wall after the pipes, and squatting on them doesn’t cause me to get sucked down them. Is this a bug or am I missing something? You think you could post a walkthrough? Also, the koopa’s hard to kill with the floating mechanic. I believe SMB2′s Peach was easier to control, that the floating would only happen when actively pressing the arrow pad.

    • Hey there! We will be releasing an updated version with easier-to-use warp pipes and some player controller / camera tweaks shortly. You should be able to go down the pipe that is closer to the lava, but currently must stand very close to the center and not be moving left or right. Hope you enjoy, thanks for playing.

      • Hi! Game idea is great, found it via IndieGames. Thanks! To chime in regarding the controls… I’m having a hard time setting up joystick controls on Windows. In the start menu, I have all kind of Controls defined (Movement Left, Right, Vertical, …) and then’s apparently another set for Joystick (Movement Left, Vertical, Jump, …). What my princess currently does is she keeps ducking when I don’t use the joystick. When I press up she stands up, I can’t find the run-control config. Jumping works, but the whole thing seems to be more complicated with a joystick than it should be. Really a pitty as the concept is great :-)

        • I only had one developing environment to test gamepad compatibility and I wasn’t terribly pleased with the results. Sorry it’s given you trouble, it’s a topic that I really need to spend more time on and get right.

          • Please don’t apologize, there’s really no need for that :-) If you need something tested, let me know, I have a couple of different controllers (SNES Controller modded to USB, Competition Pro USB, Namco Arcade Stick via Playstation adapter, etc.) and am not afraid to use them.

        • Yeah, I’m having the same trouble. I’m getting the Princess constantly moving to the left when I hit jump, and ducking otherwise. There also seem to be two Movement Lefts and Verticals for joystick, which might be part of the problem, but once they’re configured I can’t unconfigure them…

          Otherwise, great idea though. Looking forward to hopefully actually being able to play!

      • Thank you. I got it to work and had fun completing the game. I liked the cameo from Mario, and how the floating mechanic was used to make Peach excel at jumping among the clouds in the last level.

  10. This is a lot more in-depth than I’d imagined. Though some of those pink coins are damn impossible to get!

    I also kinda wished the controls were a little better, but it’s still fun.

    Also. I laughed my ass off on the second level when Mario ran by.

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  12. Hi my name is Frank or Franktheepictanka on youtube, i was browsing the forums and saw your game and really like it so far! my question to you was if I could make a let’s play of your game and post it on my channel. Also if i could use your picture of the game and turn that into the tumbnail for the video? hopefully i hear from you soon! keep up the awesome work and games!


  13. not bad. not bad at all, even did a let’s play of it. Not a bad fan game in both technical and visual. Well done ^_^

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  15. The linux 1.2 version has a problem: the name of the data folder should be “SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux_Data” and in the zip is “SorryMarioBros_1_Data”, and with this name the game doesn’t work. With the other name it works (at least, the “last” level i tested)

  16. Hi, the Linux version works on my 64 Ubuntu 12.04. But I had to rename the executable file to the name of the Data folder without _Data. Also the executable bit have to be given also.

    SorryMarioBros_1 — executable
    SorryMarioBros_1_Data —- folder

  17. very fun game, i love the secret level parts, gives it extra fun, i spent around an hour just exploring.

    im wondering how you achieved the glitch free one way collisions with unity??

    i notice that if you jump from below a cloud platform it just goes through it without any sort of jumpy glitchy behaviour which usually happens with one sided mesh colliders

    is the character movement physics based or its manually coded?


    • This project was a big exercise for us and so when I set out to handle the collision, I decided to write my own collision system. Thankfully, the 2D tile-based maps lend themselves heavily to a simple form of collision, so this wasn’t a terribly large task.

      This made it very easy for me to override certain collisions for certain layers from different directions (I needed directional collision for a lot of elements of the game, so once I had that done, it was pretty easy to go from there).

      In other words, almost everything is manually coded. :)

  18. I really enjoyed playing this game. I thought that the parts that existed outside of the original work were a great idea, as if to say there is more to the world of SMB1 than Mario had time to explore. I didn’t find all 10 of the special coins, but spending some time to track them down was entertaining.
    Also, coming from a composer’s perspective, playing the music reversed (with added stuff) is a really neat touch.
    I hope Mario has a cell phone, or the Mushroom Kingdom can hire a skywriter to let him know the Princess is in another (her own) castle.

  19. I got 11/10 secret coins! :D

    This makes me really wish I could play all 32 worlds..

    I loved the Mario cameo, and how coins were taken where he had been. :)

    Took me a while to get used to the Princess’s running (left/right) controls. The jumping was fine.

    I wish it used the original graphics.. surely that would still be covered under the parody exception?

  20. It seems to be having issues on Windows 8 (It’s unable to find the data folder for whatever reason)

    Any idea why its doing this?

    • I’ve not tested on Windows 8 so I can’t say what the issue might be, but I am a bit surprised that it does not work. Perhaps someone else with Windows 8 could chime in, but I’m afraid I can’t help. :/

        • Glad to hear it, thanks for testing for us! Crysta, you may want to just try again — perhaps your download never finished or you somehow ended up with the version for Macs?

          • Tried both downloads (direct and torrent)
            Same deal, not sure what I’m doing wrong…
            Even tried it in two different virtual environments (VirtualBox, that I keep for some older games that don’t lilke Windows 8)

            There should be ‘SorryMarioBros_Data’
            folder next to the executable

            Is all I ever get, any explanation of this? (and yes, I understand the naming principle)

          • It sounds like you know your way around a computer pretty well (using virtual machines, etc.), so please don’t take this suggestion as any form of judgement — just trying to help you problem solve. It also sounds like you found the executable file, so I really doubt this is your problem, but regardless: Are you unzipping the downloaded file? The downloaded file is a “zipped” folder which contains (or should contain) both the executable and the data folder.

            Edit: Did a quick test to see what error would occur if you ran the .exe file within the .zip container and sure enough, it complains about the Data folder being missing. You simply need to extract the contents of the .zip file and then run the executable from there. I suppose we should have mentioned that the contents need to be unzipped! Sorry about that!

          • Well, I did unzip, I’ve even moved it between different folders, just in case (some programs complain when the path has certain characters)

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    • the game running fine but need a little trick.

      Right Click on the application > Show package content> Macos and run the file in there. The game will start !

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  37. Oh dear. I tried to run this on OS X 10.7.5, but it just crashed instantly. Well, it’s still a neat idea, at least.

  38. Fun game, and a clever twist to the classics. Thanks for doing it. Female protagonists are awsome.

    (played on Ubunto 12.10 without trouble)

  39. I love this. I’ve been watching the Feminist Frequency series and found it very interesting.

    Great game, can’t wait to dive deeper into it when I’m not at work.

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  45. Love the game.

    First, a minor bug report. I’m using the Mac version, and occasionally the controls “stick”, with some action (walking to one side, jumping, etc) continuing until I hit the key again.

    Second, were you aware that there are a couple of places in level 1-1 where it’s possible to rack up a ludicrous number of lives, at a rate of approximately 1.5 per second, without even touching the controls?

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  51. I had trouble starting the Linux 1.2 torrent version in Debian 8. The way I found to get it to run was to rename the “SorryMarioBros_1_Data” folder to “SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux_Data”.

  52. Couldn’t run it under Linux?
    Set current directory to /shed/Games/Sorry_Mario_Bros
    Found path: /shed/Games/Sorry_Mario_Bros/SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux.x86
    Mono path[0] = '/shed/Games/Sorry_Mario_Bros/SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux_Data/Managed'
    Mono path[1] = '/shed/Games/Sorry_Mario_Bros/SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux_Data/Mono'
    Mono config path = '/shed/Games/Sorry_Mario_Bros/SorryMarioBros_1.2_Linux_Data/Mono/etc'
    Linux 3.10-2-686-pae (debian)
    gdb reports a seg fault


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  56. I’m really liking the game so far, I really really really like the concept and I find it interesting to play a game right to left. The thing is, the game sometimes crashes and my computer SHUTS DOWN, I’m running it on windows 7. Any clues as to why this is happening?

    • Sorry to hear about the crashes Vinkita, it doesn’t sound good! Do you normally play games on this computer? Have you noticed the crash occurs when you are doing something specific, in a specific area of a level, etc?

      • Thank you for replying!
        It’s actually the laptop I use for coding/studying, it doesn’t have a lot of games but yes, I do use it for playing too (specially when I need a break and I get to lazy to drag myself to my desktop).
        The crashing happened twice: once right after the game started and once after starting the 2nd level. However, about minutes ago it also happened with another game so I’m now thinking the problem is my laptop, not sure if it’s a sw or a hw problem yet.

  57. Sorry, maybe you should put this game into bin format, because for some reason, it doesn’t work on my Linux. Or maybe I can fix this simply remaming the fale.