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Patch Notes for The Wild Eternal (version 1.1.1a)

Hey! We just pushed out our first patch for The Wild Eternal!

There are some treats for you to discover out in the foggy wilderness which may help clear up some things at the end of the game. In addition, we’ve made a large number of mostly minor bug fixes and adjustments to improve usability, and have worked to polish some aspects of gameplay, graphics, and the UI.

We want your experience in The Wild Eternal to be as good and polished as it possibly can be, so if you have any trouble at all with the game, please don’t hesitate to bring those issues to our attention!

Version 1.1.1a


  • Befriended rats now have a bit more to offer you.
  • Mysterious statues might be more helpful now, instead of just being creepy.
  • Pogostags are now considerably less demanding, and hopefully a bit more fun to be around.
  • A new type of strange stone statue can be found throughout the world. The big ones appear…hungry?


  • Various polish and improvements to characters and lighting.
  • Fog effects have been polished and improved.


  • Adjustments were made to make for a more stable experience.


  • Added support for more unconventional resolutions.
  • Added ability to disable gamepad input via Options/Controls menu.