Post Launch Focus & Cool Fan Stuff

Hey! So, the game’s out…now what?

Welp, now we are focusing on the very uncomfortable task of self promotion and marketing! We aren’t great at this, so if you like the game, please help us get the word out in whatever corner of the web (or reality) that you call home. In addition, we’ve managed to get some great user reviews on Steam, but could always use more 😉

We’ve also been busy fixing bugs that have been reported in the support forum, and have made some small improvements to the play experience. So expect a small patch in the coming days.

Fan Art

Catching us completely off-guard this weekend, we received our first fan art. We love fan art, we desire more! Please send some in and we’ll post it on the blog!

The first item is a poem! A very kind gentleman named Carson Gardner wrote a wonderful poem about us and our game. Thank you Carson!

by Carson Gardner

Why can’t some Dig. Dev. create
fun game software unique from the gate?
With cool moves and great karma,
where you don’t have to arm a
stone-cold killer to better your fate?

Why ain’t there some Steam release
trading boredom and terror for peace?
Freeing each Sam and Sara
in our ego-damned era
of gamepads from a sniper’s valise?

Why won’t some code engineer
find the guts to at last pioneer
wise/kind flora and fauna,
better press for nirvana?
Someone did—The Wild Eternal is here!

And then we have a super nice watercolor of The Lord of Dreams, by The Kubliest.
The Lord of Dreams, by The Kubliest

That’s all for the time being, but we’ll be sure to post some patch notes and other updates as they come 🙂