What is The Wild Eternal?

The Wild Eternal is a story-driven, first-person exploration game with light platforming, maze-solving and progression elements. Players are challenged to find their way through the foggy wilderness, or get lost trying.

It is the early 1600’s.

You are an old woman named Ananta who has fled a life of suffering in search for lasting peace in the Himalayan wild. After a traumatic life, you long to escape the cycle of reincarnation so that you may finally rest.

Your defiance of reincarnation has landed you in a lush, deserted wilderness covered in fog. A fox-shaped demigod agrees to help you escape your fate, but only if you’ll help him in return.

To escape the cycle of reincarnation, the fox asks you to collect crystalline keys from each of the landmarks that poke up above the fog. These keys unlock sealed doors to other forests where you’ll (supposedly) find what you’re looking for.

Beneath the fog, the wilderness is an overgrown labyrinth. Every forked path is a challenge to remember where you’ve been and where you’re going. Obstacles and critters will often block your way, forcing you to confront them or choose another path.

Additionally, the forests are also filled with content designed to distract you and get you lost. Ancient artifacts and hidden shrines have a particularly alluring pull.

Offering these artifacts as tribute will bestow you with a powerful blessing. Each shrine will reveal one or two unique blessings, and each blessing is transformative in its own right. For instance, a frail old woman is no mountaineer, right?

Wrong! With the “Descender” blessing, you can slide safely down even the steepest of cliffs. There are over 20 unique blessings to discover, as well as a bunch of critters to meet, tools to augment, an intricate story to unravel, a relaxing soundtrack to carry you through colorful atmospheric landscapes, and much more!

You can buy The Wild Eternal on Steam for $14.99 with the 25% early-adopter discount on April 13th. Happy hiking and we’ll see you on the trails!