Save the Date

We have a release date!

It’s true! I’m not stressed out by that AT ALL. JK I am stressed, but I’m also relieved, and proud!

The Wild Eternal arrives on Windows PC (via Steam and Humble Store) on April 13, 2017. That’s like,  soon! For those of you in the back, I repeat, louder:

The Wild Eternal
April 13, 2017 on Windows PC

Along with the release date announcement, we are sharing an environmental teaser from the first level. It’s always been very important to us that each level has a unique emotional tone and theme, which we primarily convey through the use of color, environmental design, and audio design. The first level’s theme is Mystery, let us know if you think the teaser hits the mark!


The game is now available for pre-order on the website for a discounted $14.99, this discount will last only through launch weekend as a thanks to our supporters.

If you aren’t fully committed yet, you can always wishlist the game on steam and decide later!