Status Update: We are Alive!

Hey there!


It’s been a while huh? The blog’s grown a bit dormant, but we’ve been pretty active on twitter sharing little updates and gameplay videos etc! Hopefully if you are interested in the game you’ve been seeing our progress posted at @TheWildEternal.

Soooo, what’s new?

The Wild Eternal
This isn’t really new, but look at that cute little rat in front of the waystone!

Website Update

You may have noticed we have a new website, sans trailer (Casey made the website, is still working on the trailer, is currently writing this blog post). We feel pretty okay about it.

Bit Bash

We showed the game at Bit Bash in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, which was fantastic and lovely! We got to watch a bunch of people play The Wild Eternal in an environment that isn’t super conducive to our type of game. Festivals tend to be high energy, and high energy party/multiplayer games tend to be the best fit for that environment.

We actually went into Bit Bash fully aware of this. Scott threw together a festival-focused demo which we hoped would get players quickly into a few different areas with some blessings and a goal. It was okay. We were able to get players into the game relatively quickly but they didn’t necessarily have enough context to really understand their motivations or care about what they were doing. Folks still seemed to enjoy it though, so it was all good. We also played some great games and met some fantastic people while we were there! If you are in the Chicago area, I recommend going to any future Bashes they put on.

Recent Press

That’s all for now, we’re going to talk about the game on the blog again very soon, so please stick around for more updates. Also, please feel free to talk about the game while out in the world with your friends! We need some help with word of mouth, pretty please 😀