Devlog: Foxsplaining

The Wild Eternal is a quiet game. Among the many critters wandering the forests, meadows, and hilltops there is but one who talks. The Fox Demon is a self-appointed central character, appearing at numerous locations throughout as a sort-of Cheshire Cat, and providing both narrative and gameplay focused conversations (many of which tend to revolve around the fox itself).

Casey: The fox was one of the first creatures we designed and one of the first creatures implemented into the game. At the beginning of the project I was new to art development in games; my skills as a 3D modeler, texturer, rigger, and animator were newborn and untested. But it’s not the beginning of the project anymore and I’ve gotten a lot more capable at doing my job (which is nice). So I spent some time this week tweaking the mesh, giving it a fresh coat of paint, adjusting some bones, and doing some animations, while Scott spent some time plugging in those animations, making sure they blend properly, and giving the fox some logic to walk and sit and look around. We also did a bunch of other stuff this week, but this is a post about a fox!

Attached is the fruit of some of our labor, comprised of a sit_idle with some tail wag and talk animations layered on top. Over the top? Not fox-like enough? Unsettled by the purple eyeliner? Let us know in the comments, or on twitter! This isn’t the first iteration of the Fox Demon and it probably won’t be the last. Cheers 🙂