Patch Notes for The Wild Eternal (version 1.1.1a)

Hey! We just pushed out our first patch for The Wild Eternal!

There are some treats for you to discover out in the foggy wilderness which may help clear up some things at the end of the game. In addition, we’ve made a large number of mostly minor bug fixes and adjustments to improve usability, and have worked to polish some aspects of gameplay, graphics, and the UI.

We want your experience in The Wild Eternal to be as good and polished as it possibly can be, so if you have any trouble at all with the game, please don’t hesitate to bring those issues to our attention!

Version 1.1.1a


  • Befriended rats now have a bit more to offer you.
  • Mysterious statues might be more helpful now, instead of just being creepy.
  • Pogostags are now considerably less demanding, and hopefully a bit more fun to be around.
  • A new type of strange stone statue can be found throughout the world. The big ones appear…hungry?


  • Various polish and improvements to characters and lighting.
  • Fog effects have been polished and improved.


  • Adjustments were made to make for a more stable experience.


  • Added support for more unconventional resolutions.
  • Added ability to disable gamepad input via Options/Controls menu.


Post Launch Focus & Cool Fan Stuff

Hey! So, the game’s out…now what?

Welp, now we are focusing on the very uncomfortable task of self promotion and marketing! We aren’t great at this, so if you like the game, please help us get the word out in whatever corner of the web (or reality) that you call home. In addition, we’ve managed to get some great user reviews on Steam, but could always use more 😉

We’ve also been busy fixing bugs that have been reported in the support forum, and have made some small improvements to the play experience. So expect a small patch in the coming days.

Fan Art

Catching us completely off-guard this weekend, we received our first fan art. We love fan art, we desire more! Please send some in and we’ll post it on the blog!

The first item is a poem! A very kind gentleman named Carson Gardner wrote a wonderful poem about us and our game. Thank you Carson!

by Carson Gardner

Why can’t some Dig. Dev. create
fun game software unique from the gate?
With cool moves and great karma,
where you don’t have to arm a
stone-cold killer to better your fate?

Why ain’t there some Steam release
trading boredom and terror for peace?
Freeing each Sam and Sara
in our ego-damned era
of gamepads from a sniper’s valise?

Why won’t some code engineer
find the guts to at last pioneer
wise/kind flora and fauna,
better press for nirvana?
Someone did—The Wild Eternal is here!

And then we have a super nice watercolor of The Lord of Dreams, by The Kubliest.
The Lord of Dreams, by The Kubliest

That’s all for the time being, but we’ll be sure to post some patch notes and other updates as they come 🙂


The Wild Eternal Is Now Available For Purchase!

Yahoo! We pushed a button and the game is now available for Windows PCs on Steam! There’s a launch discount of 25% which lasts through the weekend, so pick up your copy now for $14.99!

In addition, we’ve released a launch trailer by the fabulous Derek Lieu, we hope you like it as much as we do 🙂

It’s been a long road up to this point, we hope folks enjoy wandering the foggy wilderness with Ananta and Dhyo.

Cheers <3

Casey & Scott

What is The Wild Eternal?

The Wild Eternal is a story-driven, first-person exploration game with light platforming, maze-solving and progression elements. Players are challenged to find their way through the foggy wilderness, or get lost trying.

It is the early 1600’s.

You are an old woman named Ananta who has fled a life of suffering in search for lasting peace in the Himalayan wild. After a traumatic life, you long to escape the cycle of reincarnation so that you may finally rest.

Your defiance of reincarnation has landed you in a lush, deserted wilderness covered in fog. A fox-shaped demigod agrees to help you escape your fate, but only if you’ll help him in return.

To escape the cycle of reincarnation, the fox asks you to collect crystalline keys from each of the landmarks that poke up above the fog. These keys unlock sealed doors to other forests where you’ll (supposedly) find what you’re looking for.

Beneath the fog, the wilderness is an overgrown labyrinth. Every forked path is a challenge to remember where you’ve been and where you’re going. Obstacles and critters will often block your way, forcing you to confront them or choose another path.

Additionally, the forests are also filled with content designed to distract you and get you lost. Ancient artifacts and hidden shrines have a particularly alluring pull.

Offering these artifacts as tribute will bestow you with a powerful blessing. Each shrine will reveal one or two unique blessings, and each blessing is transformative in its own right. For instance, a frail old woman is no mountaineer, right?

Wrong! With the “Descender” blessing, you can slide safely down even the steepest of cliffs. There are over 20 unique blessings to discover, as well as a bunch of critters to meet, tools to augment, an intricate story to unravel, a relaxing soundtrack to carry you through colorful atmospheric landscapes, and much more!

You can buy The Wild Eternal on Steam for $14.99 with the 25% early-adopter discount on April 13th. Happy hiking and we’ll see you on the trails!

Save the Date

We have a release date!

It’s true! I’m not stressed out by that AT ALL. JK I am stressed, but I’m also relieved, and proud!

The Wild Eternal arrives on Windows PC (via Steam and Humble Store) on April 13, 2017. That’s like,  soon! For those of you in the back, I repeat, louder:

The Wild Eternal
April 13, 2017 on Windows PC

Along with the release date announcement, we are sharing an environmental teaser from the first level. It’s always been very important to us that each level has a unique emotional tone and theme, which we primarily convey through the use of color, environmental design, and audio design. The first level’s theme is Mystery, let us know if you think the teaser hits the mark!


The game is now available for pre-order on the website for a discounted $14.99, this discount will last only through launch weekend as a thanks to our supporters.

If you aren’t fully committed yet, you can always wishlist the game on steam and decide later!



Devlog: Better Color Lerping in Shaders

After reading a few articles about color interpolation, I whipped up a  quick CG solution for lerping colors through the HSV color model.

You can read about this in this excellent series by Alan Zucconi. Happy shadering!

The Secrets of Colour Interpolation

Code Snippet

float3 HueToRGB(float hue)
 float h = hue * 6;

 return saturate(float3(abs(h - 3) - 1, 2 - abs(h - 2), 2 - abs(h - 4)));

float3 HSVToRGB(float3 hsv)
 float3 rgb = HueToRGB(hsv.x);
 float3 vc = ((rgb - 1) * hsv.y + 1) * hsv.z;

 return vc;

float3 RGBToHCV(float3 rgb)
 float4 p = (rgb.g &lt; rgb.b) ? float4(rgb.b, rgb.g, -1, 2f / 3f) : float4(rgb.g, rgb.b, 0, -1f / 3f);
 float4 q = (rgb.r &lt; p.x) ? float4(p.x, p.y, p.w, rgb.r) : float4(rgb.r, p.y, p.z, p.x);
 float c = q.x - min(q.w, q.y);
 float h = abs((q.w - q.y) / (6 * c + 1.0e-10f) + q.z);

 return float3(h, c, q.x);

float3 RGBToHSV(float3 rgb)
 float3 hcv = RGBToHCV(rgb);
 float s = hcv.y / (hcv.z + 1.0e-10f);

 return float3(hcv.x, s, hcv.z);

float3 LerpThroughHSV(float3 rgb1, float3 rgb2, float t)
 float3 hsv1 = RGBToHSV(rgb1);
 float3 hsv2 = RGBToHSV(rgb2);

 float3 hsv = lerp(hsv1, hsv2, t);

 return HSVToRGB(hsv);

Status Update: We are Alive!

Hey there!


It’s been a while huh? The blog’s grown a bit dormant, but we’ve been pretty active on twitter sharing little updates and gameplay videos etc! Hopefully if you are interested in the game you’ve been seeing our progress posted at @TheWildEternal.

Soooo, what’s new?

The Wild Eternal
This isn’t really new, but look at that cute little rat in front of the waystone!

Website Update

You may have noticed we have a new website, sans trailer (Casey made the website, is still working on the trailer, is currently writing this blog post). We feel pretty okay about it.

Bit Bash

We showed the game at Bit Bash in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, which was fantastic and lovely! We got to watch a bunch of people play The Wild Eternal in an environment that isn’t super conducive to our type of game. Festivals tend to be high energy, and high energy party/multiplayer games tend to be the best fit for that environment.

We actually went into Bit Bash fully aware of this. Scott threw together a festival-focused demo which we hoped would get players quickly into a few different areas with some blessings and a goal. It was okay. We were able to get players into the game relatively quickly but they didn’t necessarily have enough context to really understand their motivations or care about what they were doing. Folks still seemed to enjoy it though, so it was all good. We also played some great games and met some fantastic people while we were there! If you are in the Chicago area, I recommend going to any future Bashes they put on.

Recent Press

That’s all for now, we’re going to talk about the game on the blog again very soon, so please stick around for more updates. Also, please feel free to talk about the game while out in the world with your friends! We need some help with word of mouth, pretty please 😀



Devlog: Immutable Inspector Fields

Inspired by a question posted on Reddit (Read Only Parameter with SerializeField), I realized that I don’t have a way of communicating to other developers on my team which fields are not designed to be modified while playing in the editor! So I decided to solve this problem by adding a new attribute [Immutable] which disables fields in the inspector.

Continue reading Devlog: Immutable Inspector Fields