Do you know that sense of awe you get when a game’s world feels bigger than the game itself? Like burning a bush to reveal a hidden stairwell, or bombing a cracked hole in the wall to reveal a series of secret rooms. Or leaping from platform to platform to reach beyond the boundaries of the TV screen, to run past the end of the level to the secret end, where warp pipes lay waiting to take you to who knows where.

A game should not feel like it exists to honor you, it should feel like it exists in spite of you: like it has a life its own. We’re still trying to figure out exactly all of the bits of magic that have to come together to create that feeling, but I think we’re on the right track with The Wild Eternal…

The studio is currently just a pair of us: Casey Goodrow (the elder brother), and Scott Goodrow (the taller brother). Height and age are probably not the best method of description, but at least now you have an easy way to pick out who is who if we should ever have the opportunity to meet.

The bottom line is we like games, we love the games we grew up playing, and we want to capture the magic we felt when we played those games.

We hope you’ll stop by from time to time and check out our posts, leave feedback, and join us as we endeavor to create a world that’s worth exploring.

See you when the fog clears!

One thought on “FIRST!”

  1. Ahhh, I see! This idea was in your head before Sorry Mario Bros. Very cool. I like your implementation for Princess Toadstool’s adventurous romp on her way back home. :)

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