The Wild Eternal

The Wild Eternal is a first-person exploration adventure game and wildlife encounter sim about getting lost and finding your way.

The Wild Eternal: Tiger swats!In The Wild Eternal you are a 15th century explorer who has lost their way in a magical land blanketed by thick fog. Vantage points and landmarks rise above the fog (providing perspective and direction), but in order to find your way you’ll have to help a traumatized fox demon relive the storied memories of a past life.

During your travels you’ll find unkillable wildlife and mythic creatures (whose unique personalities require careful observation and handling), multifaceted tools (no weapons!), and tribute (which you can offer to local spirits in exchange for performance enhancing blessings).

The Studio

The not yet titled studio was formed in January 2013 by brothers Casey Goodrow (@CaseyGoodrow) and Scott Goodrow (@ScottGoodrow). Scott learned the basics of programming while shooting lasers at the moon (he was a data analyst, really), has a degree in astrophysics, and was studying to become a teacher before taking the leap into game development. Casey worked at 2K Marin on Bioshock 2 and The Bureau (when it was an FPS), and has a degree in psychology with a background in writing and web/UI/graphic design.